What Is An Extreme Chin Augmentation Procedure?

Q: Dr. Eppley, my face is very unbalanced as my chin is very short. This also makes my neck look fat even though I am at a good body weight. I have attached some pictures for you to tell me what you can do for my really short chin. It looks like the lower part of my face is just missing.

A: Here is a side view prediction based on the combination of a chin bony advancement (sliding genioplasty) combined with an implant. Your horizontal chin deficiency exceeds 15mms which puts you well beyond what any conventional chin implant can do. A chin osteotomy will advance you up to 12mms, which is better, but also not ideal. Therefore, in cases like yours I will put an implant in front of the advanced chin bone as well that will add another 5mms to the projection. The addition of the implant also has the advantage of its extended lateral wings which will fill out the sides, making the chin a little more square. That is an advantage for a male who benefits by a more square chin anyway. In addition, your thicker neck tissues would simultaneously benefit by liposuction under the advanced chin area to try and thin that out a little but.

The combination of a chin osteotomy and implant combined with neck liposuction can make some significant changes as the imaging suggests. This type of ‘extreme chin augmentation’ is necessary to get the best result in larger male chin deficiences like yours.

Dr. Barry Eppley