What Is A Natural Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

Q: Dr. Eppley, My desire for rhinoplasty surgery is purely a cosmetic one. I am a healthy and active 25 year old who has never had any complication or surgeries before. That being said I’ve also wanted this procedure done for some time now but never had the opportunity to speak to a physician about it. I have a very typical Arab/Roman nose with a bump on a wide bridge and somewhat bulbous drooping tip. Which with my slender face it looks disproportionate I believe. Furthermore I have a deviated septum which is not noticeable but make the tip look bigger and the hook worse from the right than from the left. I will attach pictures of my nose which will show that from one side nose looks more straight than the other. All in all I would like my nose to be a tad smaller yet still maintain a natural look to my ethnicity (I believe it’s called a ethnic rhinoplasty?). What do you think can be achieved with my nose? Thank you for your time I hope to hear from you soon!

A: When one uses the term ‘ethnic rhinoplasty’ that could mean one of two things. An ethnic rhinoplasty could be any non-Caucasian patient that has nasal features typical for their race and they want a more ‘westernized’ nose change or a radically different nose look.. Or an ethnic rhinoplasty could mean a non-Caucasian patient that wants to undergo rhinoplasty but with changes that still fit their face and to not lose most of their natural ethnic look. I believe you are referring to the latter with the term ethnic rhinoplasty and that is how I usually interpret it and attempt to achieve for my non-Caucasian patients. Whaty this translates in your nose is that some of the bump would be reduced and the nasal narrowed and the tip would be straightened and lifted somewhat so that the nasolabial us closer to 90 degrees rather than the 75 degree angulation you now have. It is very important in a male to keep the dorsal line straight (or even maintain a avery small bump) and that the tip is not overlhy rotated upward.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana