What Facial Reshaping Procedures Can Deround A Face and Made To Look Thinner?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in facial reshaping/liposuction for my son. For several years my 16 year old son has expressed concerns with excess fat in the cheek/chin/neck area. He has a genetic double chin that upon weight loss did not help and did not go away. In tears, my son asked if he could do what I did (lower face lift/liposuction) While I do not feel it would be necessary for him to go as extreme, I told him I would research his options. In my own experience, I know it’s not something that diet and exercise alone can help with. As a parent though I am conflicted regarding the risks/ psychology etc. of a surgery for cosmetic purposes at his age. Thank you in advance for your help and information!

A: When it comes to facial reshaping via fat removal, there are several specific areas in the face where fat extraction can be very helpful. This includes the neck (liposuction), buccal fat pad (buccal lipectomy) and the perioral mounds. (liposuction) All three areas would be of benefit to your son based on his pictures. That may not necessarily completely deround is face or give him a thin face but would make a substantative improvement.

When it comes to plastic surgery in teens, the major consideration is their level of expectations. Being less mature and often being guided by information that they find on the internet, their sense of realistic expectations and the necessary recovery process until they truly see the final results is often not accurate. But from a physical standpoint, there is no greater risk of these facial procedures in a teen ager than in an older adult.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana