What Facial Procedures Can Make My Eyes Look Closer Together?

Q: Dr. Eppley, do you feel it is possible to create an aesthetic male face even with my Class 1 hypertelorism? I understand that it can be found to be an attractive feature in women (such as Jackie Kennedy), but I can’t really seem to find any examples of good looking male face with hypertelorism. Do you know of any? Thanks!

A: First degree hypertelorism, as you have been mentioned, can be attractive in females. You have mentioned Jackie Kennedy as an historic example but Uma Thurman would be a more recent illustration. When it comes to men, however, I have never heard it so described and can not think of any example where it is.

The spacing between the eyes can be improved by several facial camouflage strategies. I have not seen a side view of you so I can not say how successful they would be in your case. Building up the bridge of the nose, usually with an implant,  is a classic example of decreasing the distance between the eyes. This is best done in patients that have a low or wide nasal bridge. The higher the nasal bridge, the less the eyes look far apart. In addition, widening the lower face can also help camouflage it. Cheek and jaw angle implants in particular help widen a the lower 2/3 s of the face.

Dr. Barry Eppley