What Does Getting A PRP Facial Mean?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I would like to have PRP treatment on my face. My best friend who is a dermatologist in another country told me that the treatment is wonderful.

A: When patients use the terms “PRP Facial’ or “PRP Treatment of the Face’ that can imply multiple types of facial treatments using PRP. (platelet-rich plasma)  They fundamentally breakdown into either topical or injectable approaches. PRP injections can be done either alone or mixed with fat or filler to create a volumizing effect and are often dubbed as PRP facelifts or  even the marketed Vampire Facelift. When applied as a topical treatment, it is done in conjunction with either fractional laser resurfacing or the dermaroller, both methods which create channels into the skin by which the PRP can be absorbed and exert its effects. You would have to clarify for me whether you are interested in either a topical or an injectable facial treatment.

While the science of whether PRP really provides an immediate or a sustained long-term effect in facial rejuvenation is unknown, having it injected with other agents (fat, injectable fillers) seems the most plausible for having its high levels of growth factor exert a tissue stimulating effect.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana