What Do I Need To Make My Round Hanging Lower Eyelids Raised Up And Straighter?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am not happy with the aesthetics of my eye, even if I can consider that I have a good shape of the eyes in fact I already naturally have almond eyes I think that the eye is too high because I have a low and round lower eyelid, I would like have a more masculine eye therefore less high and straighter I would like to know which would be the most suitable operation among those you perform to make the lower eyelid straight and raised and what the indicative cost would be, I also made a morph to let you understand what I mean.

A: You have mentioned that your eyes are too high because your lower eyelids are too low. In reality your eye position is good/normal but the lower eyelid is too low. Anatomically you have this appearance because you have a negative orbital vector. (the cornea of the eye protrudes in profile further than the infraorbital rim) In essence you have an infraorbital rim deficiency and, given that the shape/position of the lower eyelid parallels that of its supportive underlying bony infraorbital rim, it is no surprise that your lower eyelids are more rounded.

Understanding the anatomic reason for why your lower eyelids look like they do tells how to best raise them and make them straighter. (aka vertical eyelid lengthening) This requires a combination of infraorbital rim implants and spacer grafts to the lower eyelids.

Dr. Barry Eppley

World-Renowned Plastic Surgeon