What Do I Need To Have Done To Treat My Facial Asymmetry?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’ve provide the list of items below that are related to the asymmetry of my face:

1) Uneven eyes (Might be worth noting that it seems like the older I get, the worse it gets.)

2) My jawline is uneven.  It might be difficult to tell in the image, but one side of my jaw is not symmetrical to the other side. If I lost about 10 pounds it would be more evident.

3) I’d assume, that if my eyes were to be re-leveled, it might also require some adjustments to my nose since its alignment appears to coincide with the asymmetry of my eyes.

4) Lastly, if I decide to undergo any procedures related to my eyes, then it is probably also worth considering doing something about the bags under my eyes that give the appearance that I am always tired.

If you have any questions or I need to provide further information, please let me know.

A: Thank you for your inquiry and sending your pictures. You have an overall right facial asymmetry in which all the facial features on the right side are different. (smaller/lower) Some are very minuscule but they can be seen when looked for carefully. (which you the patient has) Yours is a superior facial asymmetry where the greatest and most visible difference is at the eye level. (vertical orbital dystopia = VOD) Think of the eyes like a box (hence the name orbital box) where the eyeball is encased in a box of bone. Thus in your right VOD the orbital box is lower. Hence not only is the eye lower but what lies around it is lower as well. (eyebrow, brow bone, upper and lower eyelids, cheek) This is noteworthy when treating VOD as pushing the eye up is one thing but how does that affect the appearance of what surrounds it. (meaning you can’t usually just push the eye up in VOD and get a complete correction)

The first place to start to determine what and how to do it is to get a 3D CT scan for full assessment. I will have my assistant Camille contact you to schedule a virtual to discuss in more detail.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana