What Do I Need To Get Rid Of My Double Chin And Thin Narrow Face?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I would like to send some photos so you could tell me the most appropriate surgery to have. I would like a wider face, a less pointy chin, a chin lift and jaw implants. I wore braces to correct an underbite and I had a mandibular osteotomy and genioplasty – the result is a long face. What can I do to bettr improve my overall appearance. I am 39 years old and terribly unhappy with my profile and double chins etc.

A: You have many of the sequeale of orthognathic surgery of the lower jaw which occur from both the surgery and aging. While a sagittal split mandibular advancement osteotomy and genioplasty have undoubtably done wonders for your bite and improved your facial profile, there are some skeletal deficiences from that surgery that have either been created or unmasked with aging that have affected your lower face. Your face has become narrower with that surgery as the jaw angles are usually lost from the ramus osteotomy and the chin becomes more narrower as its u-shape comes further forward. There also appears top be some asymmetry of the lower jaw with the left angular area being more deificient than the right. There is also the effects of aging as the neck has become fuller and dropped down due to soft tissue sagging. Collectively, all of these give you a narrow and longer appearing face with a double chin and obtuse neck angle.

This could be improved by a single procedure combining a chin-prejowl implant, mandibular angle implants, neck liposuction and a limited or short scar facelift. I have done some computer imaging from the front and sides to illustrate what changes may be possible through this approach.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana