What Do I Need Done To Make My Long Face Look Better And More Balanced?

Q: Hi there, I have researched a tremendous amount on the internet to find what I think I need. Although I am from the UK I am willing to travel to you for good results as you are the only surgeon that has a wide range of procedures I feel I need for my long face. I have had prior surgery to my face including chin reduction and fat transfer to my cheeks. However it’s my facial skeleton I feel that just still does not look right. My eyebrows are hooked which I see you do brow reduction which you may recommend but its the whole chin jaw nose balance I am looking for improvement. I constantly am compared to the actress Sarah Jessica Parker which I hate! So you can sort of understand my facial faults. I am looking for improvement in my facial structure and to achieve better looking eyes. Many Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.

A: While I will obviously need to see some pictures of your face, the long face look is not uncommon. There are certain features to it that create that look besides the fact that the vertical length of the face is measurably long. Often the face is thin and skeletonized with a prominent chin and a long and narrow nose. This is undoubtably why you have had a chin reduction and cheek augmentation to try and create a counteracting effect. While this has probably been somewhat helpful, those procedures alone may not create enough of an effect. Additional procedures to consider would be rhinoplasty, brow bone reduction, jaw angle augmentation and possibly further efforts at chin reduction.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana