What Dimensions Of My Custom Cheek and Jawline Implant Designs Can Give Me My Desired Look?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m aware we have a virtual meeting soon to discuss a few things regarding the implants. I just had a question that I assume would be easier to answer via email since there are photos involved. I’ve attached an unaltered image of myself as well as an altered ‘morphed’ image similar to the one you provided a few months ago where I’ve extended the cheeks and jaw. I tried to make an after photo of what I could potentially look like following the implants. Would the current implant design achieve this look/size or would the implant need adjustments?

In short, what implant size would most approximately get me from the before to the after photo?

A: While the fundamental question you are asking is very relevant, it is a question which defies a predictable answer. As there is no exact mathematical or precise method to know what any dimensional element of a custom implant will exactly create in one’s external appearance, this remains the ‘art’ form of custom implant design. Fortunately having done many hundreds of custom facial implants I have developed a good, albeit not perfect feel, for what any dimensions of such implants may do. 

In that regard your own morphing is tremendously insightful as to your goals and they would be considered very ‘modest’ cheek and jawline changes to which the initial design draft was intended to create. While this is open to further discussion, your imaged result shows the importance of in your case of a ‘less is more’ implant design approach.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianaplis, Indiana