What Changes Do I Need To Get A More Chiseled Facial Appearance?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m just trying to achieve a more manly look….more of a chiseled face. I feel like I look like a 12 year old when im actually 21. I want a stronger brow…more defined cheeks and finer and stronger nose and chin. I would like to know if this is all possible to do in one sitting? I would also like to know the price. Thanks very much

A: When men want stronger facial features, particularly a more chiseled face, there are two general facial features they are trying to change. Conceptually, it is about accentuating or increasing the convex facial bony prominences and decreasing the intervening soft tissue concavities between these prominences. The facial bony prominences to consider augmenting are the chin, jaw angles, cheeks , nose and brow ridges. The soft tissue concavity to deepen, or at least appear to deepen, is the soft tissue triangle that lies between lines from the cheeks, chin and jaw angles as well as the temporal fosa. It is also important that the neck/submental area be as flat as possible. Not every man can achieve this look and, in general, thinner men with less facial fat are more likely to achieve a more chiseled facial look, sometimes known as the ‘male model look’.

You do have a very desireable face to achieve this more chiseled look because you are young, have a thin face and already have some evident facial prominences albeit weak. I have done some imaging based on an ideal surgical approach to your desired result including brow bone augmentation, rhinoplasty with dorsal line augmentation, tip refinement and nostrail narrowing, and cheek, chin and jaw angle implants. All of this can be done at the same surgery and is common to do so.

While all of these procedures are helpful, I always find that for each male patient some are absolutely essential and others are of secondary importance. I categorize these into primary and secondary procedures based on their benefit because one has to always be vigilant about cost. Your primary benefit procedures are chin augmentation and rhinoplasty. These will provide the most benefit at a lower cost. Cheek and jaw angle implants and brow ridge augmentation provide secondary benefits. Together, all five are ideal but at a minimum the chin and nose need to be changed to help get a more defined facial look.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana