What Causes Frontal Brow Bone Bossing?

Q: I have a few questions that I have been wondering about for a long time. First, what causes frontal brow bone growth? The reason I am asking is because since I turned 21 it seems that my frontal brow bones have grown outward. When I look at the side of my face, there is not that smooth appearance that there once was when I was a teenager and this is because of my frontal brow bones poking out. I have always been considered a good looking guy but since this has started happening, I have gotten to be very self conscious of my looks.

One more question…. and this may seem like a very odd question. Does sleep deprivation or a very weird sleeping pattern have any thing to do with frontal brow bone growth? The reason I am asking this is because just before I turned 21, I developed a sleeping disorder. Not long after this sleeping disorder started, it seems like I started noticing my frontal brow bones getting a little bigger. I am 24 today and I still have a sleeping disorder. I have helped it quit a bit by taking medications to help with sleep. Anyway, my brow bones are bigger than I think they should be and I am just wondering if sleep deprivation has anything to do with frontal brow bone growth.

I have really want to know the answers to these questions for a long time and it would be greatly appreciated if you could please answer them for me. Thank you.

A: The development of the frontal sinuses does not begin until after age 6 and often will nolt be evident on an x-ray until age 9 or 10. The frontal sinuses are air-filled cavities that drain into the nose. Their growth should be consistent with that of the skull which is usually complete no later than age 18. Prominent brow bone often do not become apparent until after puberty for many young males and they seemingly ‘grow’ up until the late teenage years.

Sleep deprivation or any form of sleeping disorder is not a known case for the development of prominent brow bones.

Prominent brow bones can be reduced through skull reshaping surgery. I perform this by taking off the frontal later of bone over the sinuses, reshaping the forehead, and putting it back on. While very effective, a male must consider the trade-off of a fine scar in the hairline which is needed to gain access to the bone to do the procedure.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana