What Caused And What Can Be Done For My Skull and Face Defects?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in some form of skull or face reshaping. I would like to know based on the photos/info provided what would you assume is the cause of my skull/face defects? So basically I have a protrusion of my right forehead area as well as on the scalp area (right side mainly)and extends but decreases to the left side of my top head area giving a “Gumby” appearance, slanted, lopsided wichever one. I also have a cone looking shape on the back top of my head, as well as my right jaw is sunken in slightly, my right ear is further back than the left, and my right eye slightly bulges. Hopefully this info gives you some clues to let me know what I may have. I would also like to know the best approach to fix the issue and if possible see what it could look like if corrected. Thanks a lot.

A: Everything that you are describing and demonstrating in your pictures is most likely the result of a congenital skull plagiocephaly anomaly. This is fundamentally a developmental problem with the skull base from which the skull and face shape becomes slightly twisted and asymmetric. The key question now is what can and should be done with the constellation of skull and face asymmetries that exist. While there are numerous surgical procedures for all of these issues, they are aesthetic trade-offs (scars) for doing so and these must be considered very carefully. The question that I would ask you is which one or two of these issues bothers you the most and would like to see improved/corrected?

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana