What Can Make My Face Look Less Tired?

Q: Dr. Eppley I am 34 years old and in the past several years I have noticed quite a lot of sagging in my mid and lower face along with  volume loss. Cheeks have gravitated downward, neck sagging and my eyes have hollows under and around them. I see much of the same in my mother.  I have researched many plastic surgeons this past year and have heard only great things about you online! I am most concerned with sagging in my lower face, neck and around cheeks. I also would maybe like to add some volume to lips especially from a profile view. And one more thing, my ear lobes tore several years ago from scabbing due to hypersensitivity to earrings so I would like to have ear lobes repaired as well.

A:  I have taken a careful look at the pictures you have sent me. As you know you are fairly young for any major procedures and you really don’t need anything too drastic. But I can see your concerns about having an overall tired appearance. There are several things I might consider for some structural improvement. These would be the following: small cheek implants to lift the midface and fill out some hollowing, small chin implant for more chin projection and to improve the jawline, and liposuction of the jowl and neck for a little contouring and skin tightening. I think if you can just ‘slenderize’ your face a bit and give it some more structure or angularity, it will look more youthful and rested. You most certainly don’t need anything done around your eye area.

As you know, you already have excellent lips with good vermilion show so increasing their size is a matter of adding some more volume. This could be done with fat injections as you can take advantage of a surgical opportunity since this is not a traditional office procedure. Obviously the earlobe repair can be done at the same time with any of the aforementioned procedures.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana