What Can Make Me Look Younger And Refreshed?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have a couple of questions and I have included a photo of me now (right side) and when I was younger (left side). I’m currently overweight and intend to lose that weight but what interests me the most is if it is possible to look like my younger and fresher self again, like the left side of the picture. I have seen surgery that make people look at least 5 years younger. Is it realistically possible to make me look like that younger me again? And if so, what are my options? What procedure would suit me best? I would say that my cheekbones, used to be wider, the cheek pads were higher, there is a lot of sagging in my cheeks. Also the area around my eyes has become hollow. The bone is more visible and my eyes look deeper placed. If I would be my own surgeon I would probably suggest to lose that weight. And maybe then turn to possible cheek implants and fillers to reduce the hollow look. I’m not sure because I’m no expert. I could be totally wrong?

A: The first question you have to asked yourself is what has changed that makes you look older. By identifying the changes then you can see what may be able to be done. Thus I would first ask you what you see. I have my thoughts but what do you identify that you see has changed? What changes do you think would make you look more refreshed? You have done that and I feel that you are totally right. That is exactly what I would recommend and what I see as beneficial…small cheek implants and fat injections to the lower eyelid hollows.

Dr. Barry Eppley