What Can I Do To Reshape My Lower Buttocks?

Q: The procedure that interests me is the one that will reduce the size of my buttocks.  I am in good shape and target workouts to the area, but my  buttocks hangs down over the gluteal crease and no matter how much I strengthen those muscles, I am not getting the results I want. I would like to somehow reduce the area.  I have already had liposuction on pther areas but my my doctor did not want to treat my buttocks as she feared there was a risk that the buttocks would droop more after liposuction.  I will continue to workout my glutes to raise them by strengthening the muscles, but I think that I will still want to reduce it by removing excess tissue because it is still too large in proportion to the rest of my body.  What are my options for this surgery?

A: Your description describes perfectly a lower buttocks lift. Used for correction of buttocks ptosis, it removes the part of the buttock (skin and fat) that overhangs the gluteal crease. Your plastic surgeon was wise to avoid liposuction of the lower buttocks as that would accentuate the problem, creating what is known as the ‘banana peel’ buttock deformity. This is a very effective procedure but you are correct in assuming that it leaves a residual scar.

The biggest issues with a lower buttocks lift is the scar location and what one was must refrain from after surgery for up to a  month. The scar will be at your existing lower buttocks crease, maybe ending up just a smidge higher. To prevent wound healing problems, such as incisional separation, one needs to avoid 75 to 90 degree bends particularly during exercise. I have never seen problematic scars or patients unhappy with the scar results. But I certainly have seen wound separation issues.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana