What Can I Do Having Had The Wrong Jaw Angle Implants?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I did lots of research before my jaw angle implant surgery. But I guess not enough to find the difference between lateral jaw implants to vertical implant. I have a high jaw, and I didn’t want it much wider. Just further down with slight wider. I told my surgeon this and he said that there’s only one implant for the jaw. The lateral one. I now can see the width that I will have but of course there’s swelling. The width is too much and it’s not down where I was wanting my jaw to be. So that’s why I would like to do the vertical lengthening jaw implant. I’m trying to see if my doctor can remove it this week. My doctor did not place screws with my implant, he just placed the silicone implant in the pocket of my jaw. I don’t think my doctor was an expert on jawline enhancement and I think that was my first mistake. I’m actually freaking out thinking I just ruined my face. Is it possible to fix my jaw implant problems? Not only did he do the wrong implant, he also went too large.  Please comfort me with info and what I can do.

A: Unfortunately your research on jaw angle implants was indeed inadequate. Of the three decisions you have to make about jaw angle implants, the very first one is whether the implants should be of the lateral width style or the vertical lengthening style. The second decision is what sizes or thicknesses should theses styles be. Lastly, there is the issue of material choice. (silicone vs Medpor)

By far the most common jaw angle implant is the vertical lengthening style with some width. (but usually less than that of the vertical length increase) Pure width (lateral width) jaw angle implants are used in 10% or less of all jaw angle implants in my experience.

You did not ruin your face, the implants can always be converted to the vertical lengthening style at any time. With your facial shape, you likely need a 7mm vertical lengthening and 3mm width style jaw angle implant.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana