What Can I Do About My Jaw Angle Implants That II Feel Are Out Of Place Three Weeks After Surgery?

Q: Dr. Eppley, so basically I got jaw and chin implants about three weeks ago and most of the swelling went away and so my doctor told me my jaw implants are in the right place. But I really don’t think so. The bumps on my face are firm and i really think those are the implants but my doctor doesn’t want to admit it. What do you think? I’m really concerned doctor, I don’t like the outcome at all. I was expecting results like this (photoshopped picture) , but I didn’t end up like that. I asked my doctor if he can use the Implantech widening mandibular implants (WMA), so those were the ones we used. Please help, thanks so much!

A: If you really want to know where your implants are positioned, you get a 3D CT scan. That will end all debate about where they are.

At three weeks after surgery, not all the swelling is gone. Only about 2/3s of it at best has resolved. It takes up to 2 months to appreciate the fine details of any facial implant result.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana