What Can Be Done To Reshape The Back Of My Head?

Q: Hi, I am 25 and have a really flat area at the back of my head. I’m very self-conscious about this since I was 15. Is there any way that I can fix this for a cosmetic purpose. Can something be implanted at the back of my head? You are my only hope I have. I almost cried of joy after reading your articles that it is possible to reshape the back of my head by some materials and that you have done this so many times. This really means so much to me if I can get a new round back of the head, I will also get a new life with your help. I have attached some opictures of my head taken on the side. Whenever I look at it, i just want to cry. And I’ve mentally suffered from this flat head shape since I was a teenager. What needs to be done, and how long does it take to recover after the operation? I would appreciate your help and time so much.

A: Thank you for sending your pictures. I can see how flat the back of your head. The best and most economical way to augment and expand the back of your skull is through an onlay cranioplasty method. This involves putting a material on top of the bone to build it out. Given the amount of material needed, I would recommend acrylic or PMMA. Other materials exist but they are exponentially more expensive. There is even an injectable technique using Kryptonite Bone Cement, and that would be a good option for you, but that would be a cost issue.

Recovery from this type of surgery is fairly quick, particularly if an injectable method was used. (since there is only a one inch incision to do it)

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana