What Can Be Done To Make My Long Thin Face Look Better?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am primarily concerned with the lower third of my face. I think my chin is too long and pointy which contributes to the long, thin face look. Do you think a chin reduction combined with jaw implants or a pre jowls chin implant would do the trick? If so, do you perfom such procedures? Do you have any other suggestions as to how I could improve my facial features? Please do not be afraid to hurt my feelings!

A:Thank you for sending your pictures. Your long thin face is partly the result of a long sweeping jawline with a modestly steep mandibular plane angle.  This makes for a lower face that appears vertically long. This is magnified by the observation that your midface (cheek and paranasal areas) is relatively flat/recessed. That combination makes for what you see,, a face that has a greater vertical component than horizontal projection and width.

To address this concern, I would recommend a chin osteotomy which, based on the angle of the cut, allows the chin to become vertically shorter as it comes forward. You need both a mild amount of horizontal increase with an equal amount of vertical reduction. Only an osteotomy can make this bony chin movement possible. In addition,. I would place jaw angle implants that both widen and vertically drop the jaw angles downward. Between the chin and the jaw angle changes, the lower third of your face would become shorter and wider. That will help counter the long thin face look. I have attached some predictive imaging to illustrate these changes.

The other change that would be helpful is cheek augmentation. That would bring the midface more forward, again a manuever that counters the vertical and thin (horizontally deficient) facial appearance. I have attached an image that shows where this cheek augmentation would be. Your pictures are not of a good enough quality to really show what cheek augmentation can do.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana