What Can be Done To Make My Face Look More Defined And Angular?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I want more angularity to my face. I want high cheekbones, a stronger jaw, an enhanced chin, and possibly removing fat from around my mouth. Do you this will give me what I want? I have attached pictures so you can show me what this may look like after.

A:I have done some imaging on the photos you have sent. Your photos are not the best quality for imaging (poor resolution, fuzzy) but I think they will illustrate the point.

To improve your facial shape, I believe you have correctly identified the structures to consider changing. Your face is somewhat vertically short and lacks keys points of angular definition. From a chin standpoint, you need vertical lengthening as well as increased horizontal projection. Unless one uses a custom implant, the chin can only be lengthened by a sliding genioplasty, it can be brought forward at the same time. I am estimating that you need 7mms of vertical lengthening and up to 9mms of horizontal projection increase. You may also benefit from jaw angle augmentation but your pictures are not good enough to do useful imaging for that evaluation. You would also benefit my higher cheekbones using implants and some perioral liposuction to remove some fat around your mouth area. I Have attached some imaging of these potential results, keeping in mind the limited nature of the quality of the original photographs.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana