What Can be Done To Make My Face Look Less Crooked?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am 22 years old. My question is in regards to my face which is crooked. It does not have the best shape. The right side of my face is not equal with the left side. (see attached picture) Because my face does not look good, I have no confidence. Please suggest to me what I am supposed to do.Your advise is highly appreciated.

A: Your picture shows that you have significant facial asymmetry. The left side of your face shows hemifacial hypoplasia (hemifacial microsomia) as demonstrated by significant left chin deviation, a flattened left cheek and an inferiorly positioned (low) left eye and eyebrow. There are a variety of facial plastic surgery procedures that can help improve your facial asymmetry. Beginning from the bottom of your face and working up, the chin can be brought back to the facial midline by a sliding genioplasty, the left cheek built up by an implant, the eye raised up by an orbital floor implant with repositioning of the left canthus (corner of the eye) and the lower brow lifted by an endoscopic browlift. While all of them done together will produce the best degree of facial symmetry improvement, treatment of the chin and cheek asymmetries are the most important as well as the most improveable of the facial deficiences.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana