What Can Be Done To Improve My Weak Chin And Fat Neck?

Q: Dr. Eppley, many thanks for your email reply and I have attached some more pictures. Hope they are of the correct type – if you need better quality or closer views I can arrange that. As you can see I’ve taken photos of my profile many times and at varying body weights. The thinner I am the better my jawline looks, obviously, but I find it difficult to maintain the weight that allows this (roughly 50kg) – also I worry about when I get pregnant that I will look terrible with a big double chin.
My main concerns are that, from the front, my lower face looks chubby with jowls just to the right and left of my chin. I feel this makes me look really young but not in a good way!Like a chubby little girl! From a side(but not complete profile) view the jaw line gets hazy-looking about halfway along. In profile my chin just looks really weak which, to be honest, I wouldn’t mind so much but its the fact that this causes my neck structures to be poorly supported and therefore have a double chin. I also feel that my lower jaw is asymetrical and this can be seen from the front? Think that the left side of jaw is shorter making jowls worse on that side?
I have pushed my lower jaw out in some of the pics to get a view of what things might look like if I have a better jaw line/chin but obviously this gives me a horrible underbite and can’t walk around looking like that all day! But thought you might be interested to see the jawline I have in mind and I would hope for.
I included a pic of me at a lower weight to show you the effect of that as well….maybe I just need to knuckle down and lose the weight because currently I eat whatever I want and do NO EXERCISE at all…very bad I know!
Feel that my nose is quite fat looking at the lower portion from the front although I don’t have too much of an issue with the view in profile. Can something be done to make nose less bulbous at the end? This is definitely less of a concern for me the as it’s my chin that I really hate and think about it pretty much every day and am self conscious about it.
Many thanks.

A:  Thank you for sending your pictures. What they show and you demonstrate so well is that the chin/jawline is somewhat short. Lengthening the chin by jawline distraction produces a good improvement. This manuever demonstrates to me that a sliding genioplasty would be a better treatment choice than a chin implant. Moving the chin bone forward brings with it the the underlying neck musculature and, as a result, produces a better jawline/neck appearance. One may also consider submental liposuction with the chin advancement to ensure getting the best result possible. As for the jowl asymmetry, the chin bone would be advanced symmetrically and hopefully that will make an improvement in that concern as well.

As for the nose, that would require a straightforward tip rhinoplasty to thin the cartilages and make the tip less bulbous.

Dr. Barry Eppley