What Can Be Done To Improve My Forehead Contouring Result?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I recently had upper forehead contouring surgery. (attempted forehead horn reduction). The discussed outcome however wasn’t met, as my forehead had been made flat on one side with the other side still having a horn/bump on it, to the point where my forehead is sloped and uneven. The side where my forehead bone has been shaved down too much has also caused my skull to flatten on this side, and I fear that this is dangerous as my brain has essentially had to become squashed into a smaller and flatter skull area. This has definitely affected my concentration. I wasn’t informed that my skull/head would be made flatter prior to the forehead contouring surgery.

As an expert craniofacial surgeon and someone’s work I’ve seen and admire with regards to forehead shaping, I wanted to ask what corrective work can be done as a result of this? I’m looking to potentially fly out in the future and also wanted to ask for your advice on whether the surgeon’s prior work is considered to be medical negligence?

A: In answer to your after surgery forehead contouring questions:

1) I do not comment on other surgeon’s work or abilities, I can only comment on the anatomical problem that I see and what may done about its improvement.

2) There is no medical or harmful issues with your current forehead/skull shape. External bony reduction does not affect the intracranial space or the brain as they are on the other side of the skull. The inner cortical layer of the skull remains intact.

3) Based on your current forehead shape and concerns the indicated correction would be a small right upper forehead augmentation and further left upper forehead reduction.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana