What Can Be Done To Improve A Buried Penis?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I found your website while looking for other penises like my husbands. He is an overweight man of 37 and his penis is slightly hidden. referring to this article– http://exploreplasticsurgery.com/category/buried-penis/ I found you can do surgery to help his “show size”. He basically looks like the pictures within this article. He would not let me take pictures of his body. I hope you can still give me a price idea. Thanks!

A: Thank you for your inquiry. Without seeing some pictures of the problem, I can not even tell if it is improveable. As a plastic surgeon, what I can do for buried penises is to decrease the size of the surrounding suprapubic mound through liposuction or lift away overhanging skin that is contributing to penile concealment. Often times both have to be done to get the best result. But many concealed or hidden penises also have penile contraction due to tissue fibrosis which requires the use of an experienced Urologist to diagnose and treat. In this cases, a combination Urologic-Plastic Surgery approach is needed.

But as a general guideline, I will have my assistant contact you to give you a cost for the combined procedure of a suprapubic lift with mound liposuction, which was what was discussed in that article.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana