What Can Be Done To Give My Face More Of A Sculpted Masculine Look?

Q: I`m considering having some plastic surgery and that`s the reason I`m writing to you. I am 28 years old and I`ve got a very rounded face with lot of babyfat and I want to make it more sharp/angled and more masculine looking. I have had a rhinoplasty done on my nose when I was 18 and it looks great from the profile, the only thing is that from up front one of the sides is indented and I was thinking that either an injectable filler to build up that side up or a silicone implant to make that side more fuller and match the other side. I don`t need a major or new nose job, just to fill up one side of my nose. I`ve got a double chin and even when I was thinner I still didn`t have a 90 degree angel between my neck and chin. So I want a liposuction and tightening of the neck muscles. I think this will also help to make my jawline stand up a bit more. I have a very round and big chin. It`s not too big but it`s very round so I was thinking that the liposuction of the double chin and platysmaplasty will also help to give my chin more angles but I`d also like to have a small dimple there. This will give me that masculine clefted chin look. I`d also like to have liposuction of my lower face (removal of buccal fat) to give it more angles and make it less rounded and more masculine. I think some cheek implants will give my face more bone structure. I want to remove the bags under my eyes. I`d like the procedure where the incision is from the inside of my eyelid. My upper lip is a bit uneven. One side is more rounded than the other, so I`d like to correct and get more symmetry to my lips. It`ll be nice to get them a bit bigger too. I have attached some photographs for you to review and await your comments/recommendations.

A: In reviewing your photographs and your concerns, I can make the following suggestions/recommendations:

1) Nose. Your nose is asymmetric because you have left upper cartilage/middle vault collapse. That is why it appears deviated due to the inward turning of the dorsal line. This is the result of your prior rhinoplasty. That is best corrected not by an implant or an injectable filler, but by cartilage grafting. The use of a left spreader graft and a crushed cartilage onlay graft over the indented area is the treatment of choice.

2) Lips. Fat injection grafting would be best. Although a vermilion advancement would perfectly correct the left upper lip asymmetry (lack of vertical height), that fine line scar in a male would be unacceptable.

3) Lower Eyelids. The lower eyelid bags could be removed by a transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty with fat removal only.

4) Cheeks. Cheek implants would be a good choice for your malar-infraorbital hypoplasia. I would also add fat injections above the cheek implants along the infraorbital rims.

5) Cheeks. Buccal lipectomies are needed to get rid of the fullness below the cheek bones which are going to be highlighted with the implants.

6)  Chin. A square-shaped chin implant is needed with the placement of a central dimple or cleft, whichever is your preference. The chin implant would have minimal forward projection but is more to create fullness on each side.

7) Neck. it could be improved by some liposuction  and a corset muscle plication (platysmaplasty ) to maximize the cervicofacial angle.

Lastly the Jaw Angle. A would do some liposuction around the jaw angle area to try and make it a little more distinct although the result would be fairly subtle.

Most of these procedures you had already surmised but here is what can be realistically done in an effort to achieve more of a sculpted masculine facial appearance.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana