What Can Be Done To Fix My Crooked Chin?

Q: Dr. Eppley,  Approximately 15 years ago, I fell over and knocked my front two teeth out. Today, I suffer from cross-bite and a deviated chin during occlusion. It is quite apparent to me that my jaw has been shunted ever so slightly to one side posteriorly, and slightly superiorly also, this is the side to which my chin deviates. I believe that I could have had a unilateral condylar fracture which has subsequently healed in a dislocated position. Could you advise me as to what diagnostic modality could be used to evaluate a historical condylar fracture, or what factors may suggest a condylar fracture that has thus gone undetected. What methods can be used to correct this issue? Many thanks.

A: The best way to diagnose condylar position is a 3-D CT scan of the face. That will clearly show you the position of the condyles and the entire shape of the lower jaw. At this point you want to only correct the asymmetry through a chin osteotomy and midline realignment. The condylar position, regardless of where it is, is beyond changing at this point as lpng as one has a functional and good interdigitating occlusion.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana