What Can Be Done In Secondary Rhinoplasty For Improvement In Looks And Breathing?

Q: Dr. Eppley, are you familiar with 2ndary rhinoplasty.? I also need to correct my septum which is crooked. My projection needs to be reduced and I need cartilage grafts placed in my nose because I can’t breath.

A: I am very familiar with secondary or revisional rhinoplasty procedures. Your use of rhinoplasty terminology suggests that you have not only had a primary rhinoplasty but have done some homework as well.  What exactly did you have done in your original rhinoplasty and how long ago was it done? I assume your septum has always been crooked and was not corrected during your initial procedure or was it the result of an inadequate straightening from the first surgery? Were any cartilages grafts harvested from the septum in your first rhinoplasty? I will assume that your use of the term ‘projection’ refers to the tip. Is it too high now because of the first surgery or has it always been too high? Are your breathing difficulties a result of the first surgery or have they always been present? I will also assume that you did not have spreader grafts placed during the first surgery.

Please feel free to send me any pictures of your nose with these answers. Secondary rhinoplasty can be a very effective procedure but the surgeon must have a thorough knowledge beforehand of what occurred in the initial rhinoplasty.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana