What Can Be Done For My Droopy Nipples?

Q : I am trying to research plastic surgery on nipples but am having trouble. What I am looking for is a remedy for droopy nipples. I am 49 and breast fed my son for 3 and 1/2 years when I was about 30. As he fell asleep he tended to grit his teeth. Because of this and some some loss of size of my breasts there seems to be extra skin around the nipple area and my nipples lay down rather than remain perky (unless it is quite cold). Also, if I raise my arms, they can look like the skin around an elephants ankle. Is there a surgery for this. If so, what is it called. I would like to research it before jumping into things.

A: The extra skin around your nipples is the result of pregnancy and breast feeding. (the gritting of your baby’s teeth had nothing to do with it) Both conditions result is loose breast skin which is most noticeable around the center area of the breast mound where the nipple happens to be located. Depending upon the amount of loose breast skin, there are a variety of breast lift or breast tightening procedures to consider.

If the breast is not too saggy (the nipple still lies at or above the lower breast skin), a periareolar mastopexy may be all that is needed. Sometimes called a ‘donut mastopexy’, a ring of skin taken from around the nipple and the breast skin circumferentially tightened back up against the nipple. This results in a fine line scar around the outside of the nipple.

If the breast is very saggy (nipple lies below the lower breast skin), then  breast lifting techniques are needed to remove and tighten skin that will leave scars that run down from the nipple and into the lower breast crease.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana