What Can be Done For My Asymmetric Eyes?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have sent you a lot of pictures and will try to explain my questions! I definitely have some skull asymmetry. The back of my head is kind of flat and it looks really weird when I have s short haircut. I also feel that the space between my chin and neck is very small.

I also have facial asymmetry and one side is bigger than the other. One eye is than the other although I feel both sides of my face are not matched. My neck on the lower eye side also feels tight and I can’t move my head straight.

It’s a mess and doctors here say I was born like this but it has gotten worse over the years.

Thanks for reading this. Hope to here from you.

A: By your pictures and your description of symptoms and physical findings, you appear to have a relatively classic case of craniofacial scoliosis caused by occipital plagiocephaly as an infant. There are three potentially improvable craniofacial problems:

  1. The back of head flatness can be corrected fairly well through skull augmentation by either bone cements or a custom skull implant.
  2. You asymmetric eyes (orbital dystopia = one eye lower than the other) is improveable by orbital floor augmentation with or without eyelid elevation. Fortunately the eyebrow appears to be in a symmetric position.
  3. The tightness in your neck may be unsolveable. Unless there is a very distinct and palpable band (cord) along the sternocleidomastoid (SCM) muscle (i.e., band torticollis), the tightness may be a function of congenital shortness of the neck muscles. If there is a band, then it can be surgically released although this would be an unusual finding in an adult. One non-surgical option to consider is Botox injections into the tightest area of the SCM muscle.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana