What Can Be Done For A Painful Occipital Bun?

Q: Dr. Eppley, In the last few months, my skull has changed : the back of my skull is significantly flatter than before and there is this new bump close to the neck (seems to be like an occipital bun when I google, but I have no clue). It is very painful, difficult to sleep as it hurts when I lay on my pillow. It is the first time that I found something online that is similar to what I’m experiencing. It is driving me crazy because I have constant pain on my skull. I was wondering if you had any ideas what would cause these changes to my skull. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

A:While one would think as an adult the skull shape can not change every now and then I hear from someone, like you, that it can. Why that would happen I can not say. But what I do know is that for the painful occipital bun/knob that can be reduced which does relieve associated symptoms due to the protrusion.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana