What Are The Side Effects Of Chin Implant Removal?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had a chin implant performed about 6 months ago and the tightness/ stiffness persists. If I talk more during work, sing or make more movement with my mouth, my chin starts swelling up again and the stiffness increases. The middle area of my lips is still numb. At this point, I’m really doubting whether the stiffness/ swelling will ever resolve. Appearance-wise I think it looks fine but truly the discomfort is causing me to want to have my chin implant removed. My questions are: 

1. What are the side effects of implant removal? 

2. Will there be sagging/ ptosis of chin after removal? 

3. The numbness was probably the most bothersome for me after the chin implant was performed and the recovery was very slow. Will removal of the 

implant cause a new loss of sensation all over again? 

4. Would scarring/ capsule have developed within these few months and can cause cosmetic irregularities in the chin? 

5. When I make an upward movement with my lips, I can see a ridge/ bumpiness along the labiomental fold where the incision is. Will that remain or get 

worse after implant removal? 

I would greatly appreciate any answers to my questions! 

Many thanks!

A:In answer to your chin implant removal questions:

1) The only side effect from chin implant removal, besides the loss of chin projection, is whether soft tissue chin pad sagging will occur.

2) Always assume there will be post removal saggjng and then hope that it does not occur.

3) Removal of the chin implant will not cause an exacerbation or recurrence of the menal nerve numbness.

4) A capsule forms around every implant in the body very quickly after surgery so you do have one for sure. But that is the least of your concerns and is not the source of any subsequent irregularities of the chin

5) I don’t think any bumpiness along the labiomental fold will get worse with inplant removal.

While not one of your questions, it sounds like you had an intraoral chin implant placement and it is likely the implant is sitting high on the bone…which would account for every symptom you have described.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana