What Are The Risks Of Injectable Fillers For Under The Eyes?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’d like to inquire about getting injectable fillers under my eyes. What product do you use, what are the risks and what does it cost? What is the general satisfaction with patients having this procedure. I am excited about having it done but also nervous since it is around the eyes.

A: Under eye hollows, tear troughs and malar creases are becoming a popular treatment site for injectable fillers. When done well they can provide significant visual improvement of problems areas that previously were only treatable by surgery. For under the eye hollows, I generally use Juvederm placed with a microcannula technique. This usually eliminates any risk of bruising. The biggest concern in injecting under the eyes is that it is not overdone and that it is as smooth as possible. This means that it is injected down at the bone level along the infraorbital rim Of all the facial areas to treat with injectable fillers, this requires the most careful and skilled technique and a comfort zone with the surrounding orbital anatomy. The biggest risk is lumpiness or unevenness of the lower eyelids. The cost of treatment, which will usually last a year or more is around $550.