What Are The Risks of Buttock Implants?

Q: I’m 29, very healthy and I weigh 128 lbs. I have always wanted a more rounder shapely butt for years but never could get enough money for the procedure and was afraid of the risks associated with the procedure. My self-esteem is very low because of my small buttocks. I just want to feel good and feel secure about myself and my looks.

A: While buttock augmentation can be done with either an implant or fat injections, your small frame and low weight leave you with only the implant option. The good thing about buttock implants is that they produce a very nice result in a single operation and  the augmentation is stable over one’s lifetime. Because it is an implant, however, there is a longer recovery and there are potential implant risks of infection or seroma formation.

The key, in my opinion, to your buttock augmentation is to place the implant into the gluteal muscle and not to place too big of an implant. Going above the muscle in the subfascial plane is not advised with low buttock soft tissue coverage. Getting good closure of the muscle over the implant during the surgery is important as it helps reduce the risk of any problems.

Recovery is the biggest short-term concern for buttock implants and one should really allow about three weeks before returning to work and most more normal activities. More physical activities like working out, running, and cycling will take up to 6 weeks until one is more confortable to do them.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana