What Are The Right Size Buttock Implants For My Body?

Q: Dr. Eppley, If I went with buttock implants under the muscle what is the largest size  I could go?Here are a few photos I would like to know your thoughts about the previous question and what would get me to my dream buttocks. I know my butt is very flat. But is there anyway to see how different sizes would look with out coming to the office since I do live out of town?What would you think the safe option is? I don’t have to have a butt like the pictures but I do want one that I can be proud of and wear certain clothes and feel good about myself. But I also want it to look natural and be a size that fits my body and my new additions up top.

Buttock Implants (intramuscular) Dr Barry Eppley IndianapolisA: When buttock implants are placed intramuscular (inside the muscle, not under it), the largest size for most patients is usually in the 300 to 350cc range. (which is likely not what you are demonstrating in these pictures) From your pictures, I can certainly see why you seek buttock augmentation given that your buttocks has no projection. (flat) There is no question intramuscular implants (you’re only choice since you have no real fat to harvest) will make a significant difference just not to the degree of projection like the pictures of celebrities you are demonstrating. That can more likely be obtained with buttock implants above the muscle where implants of much larger size can be placed (up to 600ccs) but there is the potential for a higher risk of complications in that location. (although an easier recovery) When it comes to intramuscular buttock augmentation, the rule of thumb is you just put in the biggest size implant possible. (e.g., 350 – 400ccs) Why?…because it will never be too big as that is the limitation of that buttock augmentation approach. The intramuscular pocket will only allow so much volume. In some cases, and you might be one, you can also inject some fat in the subcutaneous space under the buttock skin at the same time. That adds a little extra volume (50cc to 100ccs) and gets one a little body contouring as well.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana