What Are The Potential Complications of an Injectable Forehead Augmentation?

Q: I am interested in getting an endoscopic forehead augmentation done with the Kryptonite material. For the past few years from your website, I read that you believe endoscopic forehead augmentation leads often to a poor result. But since the Kryptonite material came out you sound more optimistic for the endoscopic forehead augmentation. Do you believe that this new material makes the endoscopic augmentation safer and widely useful for augmentation of larger areas of the forehead that before? Are complications possible?

A: With traditional cranioplasty materials, a true endoscopic or injectable forehead augmentation procedure is not really possible. The materials (acrylic and hydroxyapatite) are too thick and can not even be inserted through the small access provided by a few limited incisions. The emergence of Kryptonite cranioplasty material has made a small incision or injectable approach technically possible. Kryptonite has now made the procedure possible but it is not completely free of potential complications. The biggest issue with this injectable forehead cranioplasty is making sure the final result is smooth and confluent across the forehead. That is the trick to making this procedure truly successful and satisfying.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana