What Are The Infections Risks of A Custom Occipital Implant?

Q: Dr. Eppley, we have talked before and i was trying to get surgery done for flat back of the head in 2011. I had some financial problems that is why I didn’t do it. Back in thoe days we talked about Kryptonite bone cement method which it had minimum scarring but expensive. I’m looking in to doing the procedure sometime this coming October 2015 and I was browsing your websites and I found this new approach that you have called Custom Skull Implants by using 3D CT scan.

My questions are

1- What is the price difference between Krypton bone cement and custom skull implant

2- I know the scar is less in Krypton bone, but how big is the scar for implant

3- Recovery time for the implant?

4- How long it will take to make the implant after CT scan?

5- Infection risks?

Thank you very much

custom occipital implant indianapolis Dr Barry EppleyA: In regards to a custom occipital implant, your financial concerns have served you well as this is a far superior method for improving the flat back of the head.

  1. My assistant will pass along the exact cost of a custom occipital implant to you tomorrow.
  2. The incision is usually placed very low in the occipital hairline and is usually a horizontal incision of 7 to 9cms. When the incision this low, almost in the upper neck, any scar concerns are significantly diminished.
  3. Recovery is usually less than a week to return to most normal activities.
  4. It takes about 3 weeks to design and manufacture the implant after the 3D Ct scan is received.
  5. While infection is always a concern for any implant in the body, I have yet to see one with a custom silicone occipital implant.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana