What Are The Disadvantages To A Custom Jawline Implant?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am very interested in your custom one-piece wrap-around jawline implant but have a few questions.

1. I saw an example of your custom wrap-around implant in an article you published on August 24, 2014 on your website. It was very impressive and exactly what I’m looking for. How difficult is that procedure compared to the standard 3-piece chin/mandible implant?

2. Is the recovery time and swelling reduced in the one-piece wrap-around implant compared to the 3-piece (because it is inserted only under the chin and not inside the mouth as in the 3-piece)?

3. Is the incision under the chin larger in a wrap-around implant compared to just a standard chin implant incision?

4. Apart from cost, what disadvantages do custom wrap-around implants have against an off the shelf 3-piece? (In other words, if cost wasn’t a factor, why would I or anyone ever consider a 3-piece implant?

Custom Chin and Jaw Angle Implants front viewA: In answer to your questions about a custom wrap around jawline implant:

  1. If your questions about difficult relates to its surgical placement, it is not more difficult than placing standard chin and jaw angle implants…if one had done it a fair number of times.
  2. Usually three incisions are still used for a custom wrap around jawline implant because it is critically important to check and ensure that the posterior jaw angle portions are properly positioned on the bone. But the overall swelling and recovery are no different than placing three separate chin and jaw angle implants.
  3. The incision under the chin is the same for either standard chin implants or a custom jawline implant.
  4. Good question! They are so superior that cost would be the only reason not to use them…and when the costs are considered for either a standard or custom jawline implant approach the custom implant is not significantly more costly.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana