What Are The Best Implants For Jawline Enhancement?

Q: I am requesting male masculinization including cheek and jaw implants. I want a  “wrap around” jaw implant with a very good cleft in the chin portion.. I would like a widened, elongated and very distinctive jawline angle and very shapely square chin, preferably the most square chin implant. I would also like that fine line of distinction between the lower part of the jaw implant and the chin implant. A line that is located on the sides of the mouth maybe about an inch from the corners giving the jaw and chin a very strong look when implants are placed together. I’m hoping this can be accomplished by using a “wrap around” implant without too many additional implants.  Can this be done and with what type of implants? I have attached some photos for you to see my jawline.

A: When it comes to your jaw, I understand what you want to achieve as far as jawline enhancement is concerned. While your jawline and chin is by no means weak, it appears you want it to be more pronounced. When it comes to doing a complete jawline enhancement or ‘wrap-around’ augmentation, there are two fundamental implant approaches. The first is to use three or a triple implant approach. This would be a chin and two jaw angle implants. The weakness or flaw to this approach is that the union of the wings of the chin implant and those of the  front edges of the jaw angle implants is a weak contour area. It is never filled in as well as the chin and jaw angle prominences, particularly when the chin is more square in design and the jaw angle are more pronounced. The other approach is to make a custom jaw implant as a one-piece unit. (even though it may be put in as two separate halfs and combined in situ) This avoids the body of the mandible contour defect from the triple implant approach. Its one drawback is that this is a more expensive method as the custom implant has to be made off of a 3-D mandibular model prior to surgery.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana