What Are The Best Implants For Jawline Enhancement?

Q: Dr. Eppley  I´m a 34 year old healthy man interested in enhancing my poor defined jaw line. Have read some awesome reviews of your work and feel really drawn to having this aesthetic implant procedure performed by you. It would be easier and less expensive to go to another country but I really feel you should be the one to treat my case. I would like to know the average cost and the downtime it will require.  I´ll be more than greatful for any info you can provide me with.

A:  The most important decision in regards to jawline enhancement with implants is whether stock preformed  or custom implants would be most beneficial. I can make that determination by looking at some picture of your face from different angles. The critical determinants of whether custom jaw implants are needed  are the size of augmentation that a patient desires, whether there is any significant vertical increase needed in the jaw angle (and the chin) and whether a smooth continuity of the jawline from the chin back to the jaw angles is desired. Until that determination is made, it is not possible to give an accurate cost quote. But as  general guideline, off-the-shelf chin and jaw angle implant surgery is around $8500 while custom chin and jaw angle surgery will be nearly double that cost. Either way, recovery is the same which is largely about facial swelling which takes about three weeks to go down and look normal again.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana