What Are The Best Cheek And Chin Implants To Feminize A Face?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am a 37 year old male. I have been feminizing my face for the last few years. I’ve already had my brows shaved and my hairline brought down. I wonder if you can help with 2 other areas that trouble me.
(1) I used to have a narrow, pointed chin. Unfortunately I had it shaved flat. Then I had a shaved medpor medium sized anatomical implant inserted. But my chin still looks wide, rounded (not pointed) and too long.
I have read a lot about you. I understand that you can use a smaller implant and shave the wings off to make it more narrow, and shave the point of the implant to be more pointed and shorter.
I have enclosed a photo of how it used to look, which I liked, and how it looks now which I don’t like.
(2) I also had high and narrow cheek implants inserted. Unfortunately the left implant became displaced after a car accident

and then removed. So now I only have the right implant in.
I wondered if you could place feminine implants in to replace the cheek implant i already have.

A: In looking at your chin and cheeks and your accompanying commentary, I can offer the following recommendations:

1)      Your chin is now broader and more masculine than it was because of the use of an anatomical chin implant design. The Medpor chin implants have very broad wings that add fullness to the side of the chin making it wider. That could be changed by either altering the implant you have in place (difficult to do because of the material) or remove and replace it with a more central button implant style which will return the chin to more or of a triangular shape. The length of the chin may just be a function of the size and location of the indwelling implant. But if some real vertical chin shortening is needed, the lower edge of the chin bone will need to be reduced.

2)      The cheek implants you have in place produce a more sculpted male look being high and lateral. A more feminine cheek appearance requires a rounded more anterior cheek look. That could be achieved by replacing the cheek implants you have in now with those that are better shaped for that look.

Dr. Barry Eppley