What Are My Permanent Lip Augmentation Options?

Q: My main questions are in regards to the permanent lip options available to me.  I could send you my picture so you can get a better idea.  I have tried a few injectables and am not really happy with results in terms of size and longevity.  I understand there are also options for implants vs. v-y surgery. (most permanent?) What are the complications, risks and costs of these options.  Also, do you use Alloderm or Gortex implants, or is it based on cases by case basis. What is the longevity of Allodem?

A: I choose which permanent lip enhancement option on a case to case basis. That could include lip advancement,lip lift, v-y advancement or Advanta lip implants. There are different reasons for using any of these based on the existing size and shape of one’s lip. Pictures would be of great help in determining what may be best for you. Alloderm has not proven to be a permanent lip implant material so it is no longer used.

If you have not had good success with injectable fillers, then the concept of putting in any permanent material will likewise be unsuccessful. Your lips are not big enough or have the right shape to merely be ‘inflated’. This would indicate that you need more vermilion exposure through some form of excisional procedure such as a lip advancement or possibly a tissue shifting approach with an internal V-Y advancement.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana