What Are My Options With A Saline Breast Implant Deflation?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am 70 years old and got saline breast implants forty years ago. Recently my left saline implant ruptured. Need surgeon with your skills. I am  confused about options with my saline breast implant deflation. I saw you on Real Self. Can you help me please? Thank you. 

A: Having saline breast implants that have lasted for forty years is way beyond what one would expect them to last without suffering a deflation. The duration most saline implants are typically expected to last is in the ten to twenty-five year range. I have never heard of a saline breast implant lasting four decades!

With a recent saline breast implant deflation, the simplest and most economically efficient option would be to simply replace the ruptured implant with a new saline implant. Breast implants replacements are easy because there is an established implant pocket already. You could, of course, switch to silicone implants in both breasts if you still want implants and want to eliminate any future risks of an implant deflation. (since silicone implants do to deflate)  As an alternative option, you can simply remove both implants if you no longer desire to have them and wish to most assuredly eliminate any future breast implant concerns.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana