What Are My Chin Augmentation Options After A Cartilage Graft Placed Over 30 Years ago?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Good afternoon, I have a chin implant from about 34 years ago. It was done when i was a teenager. It was made out of cartilage. I would like to have it replaced. Could you please advice on different options?

A: Thank you for your chin augmentation inquiry and sending your pictures. The piece of lyophilized cartilage you had placed was likely very small and many even be in the soft tissue and not down on the bone. The small size of the implant is reflected in how your chin looks today in profile which is still fairly recessive even with a graft in place.

Your options for secondary chin augmentation depends on how much change you are seeking in the profile view as well as what shape you want in the frontal view. I will work on some imaging and get that back to you tomorrow to see what degrees of change you prefer. But based on what I am seeing in your pictures a standard chin implant would seem to suffice.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana