Vampire Facelift

Q: Dr. Eppley, what do you know about the Vampire Facial? Does your spa offer that service? I’ll jump on the website and check it out. I heard about it from a friend of mine but I’m wondering how much down time is involved and whether I would be a candidate for such. Thanks so much. Hope you’re well.

A: A Vampire facelift is just a branded name for the concept of a liquid facelift. This fundamentally means an injectable facial voluminization procedure using hyaluron-based injectable fillers (e.g., Juvederm or Restylane) mixed with PRP, a platelet extract of your own blood. In the case of a true ‘Vampire Facelift’ the skin is also microneedled and the PRP is applied topically as well for enhanced skin rejuvenation. These are injectable procedures that our master injector Amanda does here in my practice. Whether this would be of aesthetic benefit for you depends on what you are trying to achieve. While I spent most of my time with you at the buttock and knee levels, my recollection of your face is that it is more of a lipodystrophic issue (loss of facial fat with thinning of the face) than it is of a facial skin sag problem. This is the type of facial aging issue for which this treatment approach has merit.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana