V-Line Jaw Surgery

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am still interested in this procedure. I feel like my whole face is wide and really would like a more narrow appearance from looking straight on as well as the sides. I feel like if only the jaw angle is cut and chin is lengthened, I would still have a wide face. Is the jaw bone between the angle and chin able to be cut? Also, my chin seems a bit wide. I personally like the whole V-line jaw surgery that is done in Korea. I will attach more pictures here. 

A: Let me demystify for you what V-Line Jaw Surgery really is. It is the combination of chin and jaw angle narrowing/reshaping. The intervening bone between the two, known as the body of the mandible, can be changed in any significant way way due to the location of the nerve that runs through it and the proximity of the tooth roots. In some cases the bottom of the body of the mandible may be removed but the width of the bone in this area can not reduced. 

The combination of jaw angle reduction and chin surgery that has been previously discussed in prior emails is, in fact, V-Line Jaw Surgery. 

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana