V-Line Jaw Reduction Surgery Double Chin Result

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m 24 years old and I underwent zygomatic reduction and V-line jaw reduction surgery for cosmetic purposes around two months ago. I was wondering, is it possible that jaw reduction surgery can cause sagging around the neck area? I ask this because I’ve started noticing that I have am getting a double chin, when I did not have one prior to the surgery. I know for sure this was not caused by any weight gain, as I have actually lost quite a bit of weight since the surgery due to being on a strict liquid and soft foods diet.

My surgeon had told me prior to the surgery, that because I am in my 20s, my skin and tissues would be able to shrink and redrape themselves to the new bone structure. But I am just really annoyed by the gradual appearance of this double chin. My chin used to have no signs of a double chin pre-surgery, unless I was smiling very widely or looking downwards.

Now I just have a double chin even if I am just looking at my side profile! What can I do about this?? What options do I have when this may be excess tissue and not fat?

A: The elevation of tissues off the chin and jawline to perform V-line jaw reduction v-surgery, with the loss of bone structure/support, always has the risk of creating a soft tissue sag later. This is a well known risk of the surgery and could be the aesthetic tradeoff of this type of facial bone surgery. Since it is only two months after surgery i would give a lot more time to healing and to see the full effects of tissue contraction which could be up to six months or longer after surgery. I can not say whether your condition will improve or not but your tissues need adequate time to fully heal.

If it persists there are options for treatment including liposuction that can be done.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana