Undesired Under Eye Fat Injection Result

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had under reye fat injection surgery four months ago. But I think its is overcorrected. Is there any way to remove these fat cells or make them go away? For example, with radiofrequency or laser or warm compress or sauna or pressing the area or using corticosteroid injections? Please help me as I feel so bad about myself. I don’ t like my under eye area now as it is unnaturally even with cheek. It’s awful, I don’t even look at mirror. It’s 4 month passed now since the surgery and it still looks like extra fat.

A: An under eye fat injection result that is undesired can not be reliably removed by any of the methods that you have described. I would definitely avoid steroid injections. After 4 months the injected fat has survived and integrated into the tissues. In some cases I have used BBL (broad band light) therapy or radiofrequency treatments to lessen their aesthetic effects. This can be effective but will require multiple treatments to achieve a visible effect in under eye fullness. The most effective one time method for under eye fat removal is a lower blepharoplasty approach for direct excisional removal.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana