Tired of Looking Tired?

The eyes may be the window to the soul, but they also create a strong impression of how we look. So many people comment to and about others based on how their eyes look. We all have had the experience of someone asking us if we are tired or have been up late. You can be certain their question is not probably based on how we were dressed or what we were eating.

But it is not the eyes per se that give these impressions, it is what is around them. The drapes of the eyes, the lids or window shades, are largely responsible for their appearance. Too much skin, deepening wrinkles, and bulging fat creates a tired and aging appearance. When combined with falling eyebrows, the amount of eye we see gets smaller and one really does look older. All this excess lid tissue is also prone to collect and retain fluid, hence those swollen eyes in the morning.

Because of the impact of how our eye area looks, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is the best value in all of facial rejuvenation surgery. This is certainly true based on the size of the treated surface area. But more importantly, changing the look of the eyes does exactly what one is after…to look more refreshed. Few want to look different, but all want to look like themselves, only better.

While there are some non-surgical treatments that can make some areas around the eyes look better, none of them can improve the way the eyelids look. Botox can decrease wrinkling between the eyebrows and around the sides of the eyes, and that can be a great benefit for sure, but that affects expression only. If you look in the mirror without your face smiling or moving and your eyes still look tired, eyelid surgery is the only option.

By the way, forget about some magical cream making your eyelids look better. Amongst the many hundreds that exist, a few can make some minor reduction in fine wrinkles and puffiness. But really visible differences require removal of what makes them look that way, too much skin and fat.

While blepharoplasty surgery works on the lid skin, there are differences between what is done on the upper versus the lowers. The upper eyelids are largely about skin removal and re-creating an upper eyelid crease. Having a well defined eyelid crease is more important than trying to remove all excess skin. In the lower eyelid, more focus is on fat removal and skin tightening and making it as smooth as possible. There is no lower eyelid crease that needs to be made.

Many potential patients fear that blepharoplasty surgery will make them look unnatural. While this is possible if too much skin is removed from the eyelids, most overdone results come from browlifting not blepharoplasty. While browlifting can be a valuable addition to eyelid tucks, it is a procedure that is easily overdone. High eyebrows can easily change the appearance of the eye area and not favorably. Consider browlifting very carefully. It is not a cavalier addition to eyelid surgery.

If you are tired of looking tired, blepharoplasty may be a good choice to get a more youthful look back.     

Dr. Barry Eppley