Threadlift Before Custom Facial Implants

Q: Dr. Eppley, it looks like I’ll be moving forward with the custom infraorbital-malar and jawline implants next year.

I am seeking temporary improvement before I see you. I find that when I pull my skin in an upwards/diagonal vector, I see large improvements in the nasolabial area and my overall appearance. Would a PDO threadlift (I know its effectiveness is debated, but the nurse I’d be seeing uses a newer thread and had compelling before and afters) be contraindicated given implants with you in May? My understanding is that most of the effects of the threadlift would likely dissipate by May, but there is a chance some of the sutures won’t have completely dissolved.

A: Pulling your skin upward by fingers is not representative of what a thread lift can really do. It will have a much less significant effect than that simulation and will never make the nasolabial folds appear less deep. Such digital manipulations way over estimate what is possible with any thread lifting procedure. 

Otherwise any threadlift done now will not impact any custom facial implants planned for next year.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana